Aphaenogaster rudis
  • Aphaenogaster rudis

    A shiny, reddish brown, active species from the forests and fields of the east. 


    STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY APHAENOGASTER RUDIS: All Continental States EXCEPT Delaware, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Nevada, Washington, Oregon

    • Species Info

      Aphaenogaster rudis is a fast growing, active, easy to keep species. The queen is typically shiny and red, and the workers are bicolored red/brown. 


      Their diet is different from some other ants. Aphaenogaster have small social stomachs or no social stomachs at all, so they cannot feed one another liquid sugars. They prefer carbohydrates from nuts, such as almond or cashew. Crushing the nuts into small pieces and feeding slowly works best. Don't feed too much carbohydrates, or leftover pieces may cause mold. The ants can live solely on protein (crickets, fruit flies, mealworms, etc) but do better with carbohydrates. 


      This species needs heat to develop normally. Heating should be at least 80 degrees, possibly 82. Do provide a heating gradient, even if it's just a slight decrease in temperature for part of the nest. 


      Aphaenogaster rudis does not need to go into diapause. However, if the colony seems to slow down, or the keeper decides to take a break from them during the winter, they can endure a hibernation just like any other northern ant. During this hibernation, put the ants in a cooler area, such as a mini fridge, wine cooler, or unheated room which stays above freezing.


      Brood development takes 4-8 weeks, typically 5-6 weeks if heated and fed properly. Colonies rarely exceed 3000, and can usually hit the 100s by the 2nd year of colony development. 


      Queen size: 6-8mm

      Worker size: 3-5mm

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