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Camponotus socius

Camponotus socius

Camponotus socius is the largest and debatably prettiest species of Camponotus in the eastern United States. They love both sugars and proteins. 


STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY CAMPONOTUS SOCIUS: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina,South Carolina

  • Species Info

    General: Camponotus socius is a very large, black/orangish-red ant from the southeastern United States. Their gaster is beautifully patterned ranging from spots to lines of orange. Colonies love sugars and small protein items. This species does have majors. 


    Diet: Camponotus socius is a generalist species, taking just about any sugar and protein that they are given. They prefer smaller items of protein that they can carry because it makes it easier for them and their brood to break it down. Fruit flies are a favorite. 


    Temperature: These ants require heating. A temperature of 79-82 is best, but be sure to provide a heating gradient that includes a cooler area. 


    Diapause: Diapause within Camponotus socius is still heavily debated. It is likely best to try to grow them year-round, but if they begin to slow down during the winter, offer them cooler temperatures (room temperature or below) with fewer protein feedings for a month or two. Continue to provide sugars. 


    Growth: Brood development takes 7-10 weeks, usually around 8-9. Colonies can reach the dozens or even 100+ within the first year, and likely the thousands from there. 


    Queen size: 17-20mm

    Worker size: 7-12mm

    Major size: 10-15mm

    Sizes are approximate and may vary! Smaller workers are not as common as the colony ages.

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    If ants arrive in bad condition, contact us for help. Live arrival is guaranteed.


    Shipping happens from Monday-Wednesday. During the winter, shipping may cost more due to the need of a heat pack. 

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