Dorymyrmex bicolor
  • Dorymyrmex bicolor

    Dorymyrmex bicolor is an energetic, small-medium sized orange/grey ant. They grow quickly with heat and food, and are very erratic in behavior. 


    STATES AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE DORYMYRMEX BICOLOR: Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma

    • Species Info

      Dorymyrmex bicolor is bicolored (orange and grey), energetic, fast-growing, and easy to keep. These ants are a decent option for a beginner as long as you have the space for them. 


      These ants will eat most foods. They love sugars and most proteins, including fruitflies, crickets, cockroaches, and mealworms. Make sure to feed them sugars often, as they cannot last as long without them as some other ants. 


      Dorymyrmex bicolor requires heating. Their nests should be between 84-89 degrees fahrenheit. Without heating they will grow slowly or not at all.


      Dorymyrmex bicolor does not need a typical cold diapause, but may need a few weeks to a month off of heat in room temperature or slightly cooler. If you do this, make sure to continue feeding sugars. 


      Brood development takes 4-6 weeks, usually around 4-5 weeks with heating and proper feeding. Colonies could reach the hundreds or thousands in the first year and thousands for the years after that. 


      Queen size: 7-8mm

      Worker size: 3-4mm

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