Esthetic Ants Small Nest
  • Esthetic Ants Small Nest

    The Esthetic Ants Small Nest is a small 3D printed nest designed for young-medium aged colonies. It includes a heating cable port and hydration tray. 


    The nest is 7 x 5 x 2cm. Each nest features a short piece of tubing to connect the nest entrance with an outworld or previous habitat. 

    • Hydration

      Hydration for these nests consists of a hydration tray beneath the formicarium. The water evaporates and humidifies the nest through the escape-proof mesh at the bottom of the chamber.

    • Species Suitability

      This nest can fit most species' young colonies. Ants ranging from small Pheidole to medium sized Camponotus can use this nest. This nest is perfect for medium sized species, like Formica. It can fit hundreds of small ants and a couple dozen larger ants. 

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