Solenopsis molesta
  • Solenopsis molesta

    Solenopsis molesta is an intermediate-level species of tiny, orange, generalist ants. 


    STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY SOLENOPSIS MOLESTA: All Continental States EXCEPT West Virginia, California

    • Species Info

      Solenopsis molesta is a tiny orange species of ant. Colonies are easy to grow and polygynous. 


      These are very generalist ants. They accept a wide variety of all foods, including sugarwater, honey, fruit flies, crickets, mealworms, and even table scraps. Be careful when feeding liquid foods as the workers are small and might get stuck. 


      This species greatly benefits from heat, and may even require it for long term growth. Solenopsis molesta love heat and will always try to heat their brood, and the colonies can grow very fast with proper heat and feeding. ~84 is a good temperature for them. 


      Solenopsis molesta does not need hibernation. However, if the colony seems to slow down, or the keeper decides to take a break from them during the winter, they can endure a hibernation just like any other northern ant. During this hibernation, put the ants in a cooler area, such as a mini fridge, wine cooler, or unheated room which stays above freezing.


      Brood development takes 4-5 weeks from egg to worker. Depending on number of queens and care, the colonies can get into the dozens or hundreds for the first year and thousands in the second and third.


      Queen size: 3-4.5mm

      Worker size: 1.5-2mm

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