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Note: All ants for sale have a legal shipping range. Check the map to see if you're eligible to buy these ants!

Southwestern Leafcutter Ant (A. versicolor)

Southwestern Leafcutter Ant (A. versicolor)

Acromyrmex versicolor is a leafcutter ant from the southwest US and Mexico. They are medium sized, red, beautiful ants. Their colonies cut leaves and flowers and feed it to the fungus garden, which they farm to eat as food.


NOTE: Acromyrmex versicolor fungus will almost always be partially destroyed in shipping. This is okay, as long as the ants have a small bit of healthy fungus to grow from. It is recommended you have food for them ready upon purchase, but they do come with a small amount of food for the fungus. 


Colonies are shipped in starter cups which should be watered regularly, but not overwatered. If the medium of the cups seems rather wet, refrain from watering for a while. Fungus does not do well when it is in a very wet environment, but it does need some moisture regularly. 


With this purchase:

  • A healthy colony of leafcutter ants, including a queen and however many workers specified in a starter nest.
  • A small foraging cup with tubing that connects to the main starting nest, for providing fungus food.
  • A pipette for hydrating the starter cup.



  • Species Info

    General: Acromyrmex versicolor is a medium sized, beautiful leafcutter ant from the southwestern US. Their colonies get very large and complex, and they grow fungus gardens from leaves and flowers. These ants are complex in lifestyle, but not too hard to keep, and very entertaining. You must make sure you are keeping them correctly, or there is a chance they may die. 


    Setups: Information about basic setups will not be covered here, as that and MANY MORE is covered in depth in this guide. It is recommended that for the sake of becoming familiar with leafcutter ants, you read that guide. As for later on in the colony's life, Arthropod Antics Formisquariums are perfect for Acromyrmex versicolor! 


    Diet: These ants and their fungus gardens love: 

    • Dried rose petals
    • Palo Verde flowers
    • Texas Sage flowers
    • Mesquite leaves
    • Mesquite flowers
    • Steel-cut oats


    Temperature: Leafcutter ants must be kept at roughly room temperature. If they are kept too warm, the fungus will die (it can overheat very easily). Be aware of this! Do not let their environment go any higher than 80 degrees.


    Diapause: Acromyrmex versicolor does not need diapause, and should not get too cold (anywhere near fridge temperatures). 


    Growth: Brood development takes around 7-8 weeks. Worker count can reach 100s or a little more than that within a year. 


    Queen size: 10mm

    Worker size: 3-6mm

  • Live Arrival Guaranteed

    If ants arrive in bad condition, contact us for help. Live arrival is guaranteed.


    Shipping happens from Monday-Wednesday. During the winter, shipping may cost more due to the need of a heat pack. 

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