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We Buy Ants

We understand that many antkeepers have too many queens to handle and that some would like to make a few bucks by selling off of their extra colonies. Until now, there has been no answer to the question: "Where do I sell my ants?" Well, here it is: We'd love to buy ants from you! We have import permits for many species all throughout the United States so you don't need to do any legal work. Larger, bulk quantities are preferred. Note that suppliers will receive discounted prices here at Stateside Ants. Fill out the form below or contact us at to sign up.

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What should I expect?

The process of supplying Stateside Ants is simple. We won't badger you into promising that your ants are exclusively ours, or tell you that you need to get any permits from the USDA. We have permits to import most species, which means you don't have to worry about the forms. 

Once you've reached out to us and you have ants to sell, we'll let you know what the shipping address is. We pay for your shipping prior to the arrival of the ants. Once the ants have arrived, we pay you via Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal, whichever is preferred. 

The specifics for shipping are this: 

  • Package the ants securely, so that the containers do not break and if they do, the ants cannot escape.

  • Let us know how much shipping cost, so we can reimburse you.

  • Send us the tracking code/tracking number so we know when your ants will arrive.

  • Once your ants arrive, we'll send you the rest of the money for the ants.

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