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Camponotus castaneus
  • Camponotus castaneus

    Camponotus castaneus is a large, shiny, orange species of carpenter ant which loves heat and grows quickly. Currently hibernating. 


    STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY CAMPONOTUS CASTANEUS: Every continental state EXCEPT: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming

    • Species Info

      Camponotus castaneus is a large, easy to keep, pretty species. Although worker development time takes long, colonies can grow quickly with heat and feeding.


      These ants love sugars. They also need protein to grow in numbers, so provide proteins such as crickets, fruit flies and mealworms. Fruit flies seem to be a favorite. They can be fed at least once or twice a week.


      These colonies benefit from a heating gradient, and at the hottest point it should be around 82-85.


      This species might need a short diapause period. If they seem to slow down, cool them down to cooler than room temperature for about 2 months, and feed them less during that time too.


      Brood development takes around 6-8 weeks. Usually it will take 6-7 weeks, if heated and fed properly. Colonies can grow quickly, sometimes reaching dozens of workers or over a hundred within the first few months or year.


      Queen size: 16-20mm

      Worker size: 7-12mm

      Major size: 9-15mm

    • Live Arrival Guaranteed

      If ants arrive in bad condition, contact us for help. Live arrival is guaranteed.


      Shipping happens from Monday-Wednesday. During the winter, shipping may cost more due to the need of a heat pack. 

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