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High Noon Ants (F. pruinosus)

High Noon Ants (F. pruinosus)

Forelius pruinosus is an erratic, small species of brown/yellow ant. They are fast-moving, fast growing, and can be polygynous. 


STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY FORELIUS PRUINOSUS: All Continental States EXCEPT Kentucky, West Virginia, Delaware, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, 

  • Species Info

    General: Forelius pruinosus are brown/orange, small, erratic, and often have colonies with multiple queens. 


    Diet: This species is very generalist. They will eat just about any type of protein. They love sugars and need them somewhat consistently. 


    Temperature: Colonies benefit greatly from a heat source, and probably requires heat for long term growth. Around 82 degrees would be ideal for the nest, but provide a heating gradient that lowers in some spots. 


    Diapause: Forelius does not need to go into diapause. However, if the colony seems to slow down, or the keeper decides to take a break from them during the winter, they can endure a hibernation just like any other northern ant. During this hibernation, put the ants in a cooler area, such as a mini fridge, wine cooler, or unheated room which stays above freezing. It is recommend that hibernation is shorter for this species.


    Growth: Brood development takes about 5-8 weeks. Colonies grow relatively fast and can reach the hundreds by the 2nd year of development. Growth depends entirely on queen number and quality of care, but some colonies can reach the thousands. 


    Queen size: 3.5-4.5mm

    Worker size: 2-3mm

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    If ants arrive in bad condition, contact us for help. Live arrival is guaranteed.


    Shipping happens from Monday-Wednesday. During the winter, shipping may cost more due to the need of a heat pack.

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