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Formica pacifica (Pacific Field Ant)

Formica pacifica (Pacific Field Ant)

Formica pacifica is a beautiful species of field ant from the Pacific States. They are known for their orange/silverish coloration, and their exciting, erratic behavior. They are sugar-loving ants who grow at a moderate speed!


STATES WITH FORMICA PACIFICA FOR SALE: California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington

  • Species Info

    General: Formica pacifica are beautiful ants from the higher elevations of the Pacific states. These ants grow at a moderate pace, have extraordinary coloration, and are exciting, erratic foragers!


    Diet: Formica pacifica loves liquid sugars, such as sugarwater or honeywater. They also need a protein source to feed their larvae, so fruit flies, crickets, mealworms, or roaches, or table scraps will work. 


    Temperature: These ants need heating during their growing season. A temperature of 75-81 is best, but be sure to provide a heating gradient that includes a cooler area so the ants can regulate themselves. Keep at 75 during founding especially. Formica pacifica benefits greatly from a hot spot and a cool spot.


    Diapause: Formica pacifica needs to diapause for around 3 months of the year. When feeding is consistent but brood is slowing down or not there at all, it's time to hibernate (usually September or October). Place them into a mini fridge or cold area at around 40 degrees fahrenheit, ideally. Do not allow their environment to dip below 36 or above 50.


    Growth: Brood development typically takes around 8 weeks. Egg stage and pupae stage are regular, but larval stage is rather quick! Colonies can reach the dozens in the first year and the hundreds in the second year. Colonies likely don't get much larger than 2,000-3,000 individuals. 


    Queen size: 10mm

    Worker size: 4-6mm

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