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Heating Cable (15w, 11.5ft)

Heating Cable (15w, 11.5ft)

Heating cables provide a way to heat your ants in some areas, but provide a cooler gradient in others. If heating ants in a test tube, be certain to only heat the front of the tube (the entrance), and that there's a section of the living space which is cooler. The ants will position themselves and their brood as they see fit. Simply run the hot part of the cable along the spot you intend to heat. Heating too close to the water reservoir can result in floods. 


When you are heating ants in a nest, only heat around half of the area. Condensation may occur if the heating is close to the water source.


Make sure to monitor the temperature of the nest/test tube when you first touch the heating cable to it. Ants must have a gradient; one heated area, and one non-heated area. 

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