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Note: All ants for sale have a legal shipping range. Check the map to see if you're eligible to buy these ants!

Kentucky Bluegrass Seeds (2x3'' packet)

Kentucky Bluegrass Seeds (2x3'' packet)

Kentucky Bluegrass seeds are some of the most versatile seeds for feeding a variety of seed-consuming species. Ants like Pogonomyrmex, some Pheidole, Veromessor, and even Tetramorium will eat seeds like these. For many of those ants, it is mandatory to feed them some sort of seed. The ants crack open the seeds to eat the food within, so make sure to remove seed husks every now and then! Ensure that the seeds don't get too wet, or they can germinate.


Our Kentucky Bluegrass seeds are natural, tested on colonies of our own. There are no chemicals or colorations that will harm the ants in any way. 


What you'll receive: 

  •  2x3in. packet full of seeds
  • ~2000 natural seeds with no toxic chemicals




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