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Half Red Honeypot Ants (Myrmecocystus semirufus)

Half Red Honeypot Ants (Myrmecocystus semirufus)

Half Red Honeypot Ants (Myrmecocystus semirufus) is a large, red and black species of honeypot ant native to the western United States. Closely related to M. placodops, these ants are diurnal and considered extremely effective predators. If their striking colors, size, and behavior weren't enough, they also have repletes, which hang from the ceiling of the nest with their abdomens forming orbs of food (honeypots). 


STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY MYRMECOCYSTSUS SEMIRUFUS: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah

  • Species Info

    General: Myrmecocystus semirufus is considered one of the larger species of honeypot ants. They are bicolored (red and black), active during the day, and form large colonies with displayable honeypot repletes.


    Diet: Myrmecocystus semirufus loves liquid sugars, such as sugarwater or honeywater. They also need a protein source to feed their larvae, so fruit flies, crickets, mealworms, or roaches will work. They can lap up the guts from insects and store these in repletes. 


    Temperature: These ants require heating. A temperature of 79-84 is best, but be sure to provide a heating gradient that includes a cooler area so the ants can regulate themselves. Keep at 80 during founding especially.


    Diapause: These ants could diapause in the winter, but it is likely optional. If you keep them warm throughout the winter months, they will likely continue growing. If they seem to slow down, lower them to room temperature or a little below. Continue to provide sugars during diapause. 


    Growth: Brood development is standard for honeypots, at around 7-9 weeks from egg to worker. Colonies can reach the hundreds within the first year, and likely 1000+ after that with sufficient feeding and heat.


    Queen size: 13-14mm

    Worker size: 4-8mm

    Repletes much larger

  • Live Arrival Guaranteed

    If ants arrive in bad condition, contact us for help. Live arrival is guaranteed.


    Shipping happens from Monday-Wednesday. During the winter, shipping may cost more due to the need of a heat pack. 

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