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Hairy Long-Legged Ants (N. albisetosus)

Hairy Long-Legged Ants (N. albisetosus)

Novomessor albisetosus is the sister species to Novomessor cockerelli. This voracious species grows quickly, is bicolored (maroon and black), loves heat, loves insect prey, and is a medium-large ant. 



  • Species Info

    General: Novomessor albisetosus is an active, heat-loving ant that grows quickly. As the colony grows, so do the size of the workers, eventually reaching roughly the queen's length. They love to hunt, and prefer insect prey over sugars. Larvae are piled onto food. 


    Diet: This species will take both sugars in liquid form and insect prey, but they prefer insect prey and can live solely from it. Although in the wild they may consume some sort of seed, in captivity they will only accept a few types. Almonds are a favorite!


    TemperatureThese ants require heating. Their nest should ideally be between 87-92, but provide a heating gradient if possible. Novomessor albisetosus will not grow at room temperature. 


    Diapause: Novomessor albisetosus will not need a diapause. Do not lower them down to room temperature unless you require a break from their growth. These ants will likely die if put in the fridge/freezer. 


    Growth: Brood development takes 4-6 weeks depending on heating and feeding. Colonies can be in the thousands within the first year if powerfed and heated, but usually stay in the hundreds by the end of year one.


    Queen size: 12-14mm

    Worker size: 6-12mm

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