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Hairy Southwestern Big-Headed Ants (P. hyatti)

Hairy Southwestern Big-Headed Ants (P. hyatti)

Pheidole hyatti is a medium sized orange Pheidole species from the deserts of the southwest. Colonies have majors and get relatively large/aggressive. 


STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY PHEIDOLE HYATTI: Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah

  • Species Info

    General: Pheidole hyatti is somewhat similar to Pheidole desertorum. They are orange Pheidole from the southwest who get active, aggressive colonies with thousands of workers. Colonies have majors.


    Diet: These ants have a generalist diet. They can eat anything from seeds to proteins to sugars. They prefer lots of protein and liquid sugars. Crickets, fruit flies, and roaches all work as a protein source.


    Temperature: This species requires some sort of heat source. They prefer heat between 83-88 degrees, with a slight heating gradient through the nest. This species will not grow quickly without heating. 


    Diapause: Pheidole hyatti does not need diapause, but can withstand low temperatures. It is not recommended that you diapause Pheidole desertorum. 


    Growth: Brood development takes around 4-5 weeks. It depends mostly on heating. Colonies can grow into the thousands within months if fed and heated enough. This species is very self-paced. 


    Queen size: 5-6mm

    Worker size: 2.5-3mm

    Major size: 3.5-4.5mm



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