Pogonomyrmex badius
  • Pogonomyrmex badius

    Pogonomyrmex is a very large, orange harvester ant. It is the only Pogonomyrmex in North America to have majors. 


    STATES AVAILABLE TO BUY POGONOMYRMEX BADIUS: Arkansas, Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, New Jersey

    • Species Info

      Pogonomyrmex badius is a very large reddish/orange harvester ant. These ants are bad climbers, but they can still climb somewhat. They grow very quickly with heating and adequate diet, but beware, these ants sting. Their nests require sand or a sandy texture.


      These ants prioritize seeds for their diet, as they are harvester ants, but still benefit from and perhaps require protein. Some of their favorite seeds appear to be Kentucky Bluegrass and Dandelion seeds. They prefer larger pieces of protein to smaller ones. 


      These ants require heating. Their nest should ideally be between 88-95, but provide a heating gradient if possible. Pogonomyrmex badius will not grow at room temperature. 


      Pogonomyrmex badius usually won't need diapause, but if they do, simply cool them to room temperature or slightly colder for a 3-5 weeks. Make sure they're stocked up on seeds during this time. Do not bring them close to freezing. 


      Brood development takes 4-7 weeks depending on heating and caste. The majors tend to take longer to develop. Colonies can reach over 100 workers within the first year if fed lots and heated correctly. 


      Queen size: 11-14mm

      Worker size: 4-8mm

      Major size: 5-11mm

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