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Note: All ants for sale have a legal shipping range. Check the map to see if you're eligible to buy these ants!

Topaz Nest

Topaz Nest

The Topaz Nest is an upgraded version of the older Square Nest to improve on looks, hydration, and usability. The nest contains a water dish which can be filled via the port behind the nest with a pipette. If overfilled, the excess water is soaked into the ultracal and can offer additional levels of moisture.


The evaporation of the water dish over time fills the nest with moisture, allowing you to hydrate the nest less frequently. Note that the speed of evaporation depends on the temperature of the nest!


Each nest comes with a stopper and 3/8in tubing that fits into the two ports. Having two ports allows you more flexibility, so that you can connect your ants to multiple outworlds or nests when convenient. 


In addition, the Topaz Nest allows excellent visibility of the inner workings of your ant colony. You can get a view from virtually any direction and spin the nest as you wish to observe.


  • Perfect for younger or intermediate-aged ant colonies
  • Water-absorbing material
  • Long-lasting hydration
  • Two tubing ports
  • 3x3x1 inch dimensions
  • 3/8in Tubing included



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