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Note: All ants for sale have a legal shipping range. Check the map to see if you're eligible to buy these ants!

Square Nest

Square Nest

The Square Nest is the perfect small ant nest for the 'small/medium colony' stage. The Square Nest has a hydration pocket ideal for syringes in the bottom corner, with sand for absorption. The nest itself is made of water-absorbing material, meaning one hydration can last multiple days or weeks. It is recommended that the Square Nest is hydrated weekly, but be wary of overwatering. Dimensions are roughly 3x3x1 inches. There are 1-2 tubing ports that can be used to connect to an outworld (tubing included).


  • Perfect for younger or intermediate-aged ant colonies
  • Water-absorbing material
  • Hydration weekly through the port
  • 3x3x1 inches
  • 3/8in Tubing included



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