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Square Outworld 2.0

Square Outworld 2.0

The Square Outworld 2.0 is the perfect upgraded foraging arena for younger/medium-sized colonies. It is 3x3x3 inches with a bottom ultracal filling for grip. The ultracal filling reaches up the side of the outworld to provide a grip for the ants to run down from the tubing port. The lid has a mesh ventilation hole that offers airflow, establishing the outworld as the area to forage for the ants and helping to prevent mold growth. 

  • Perfect for young colonies/medium-sized colonies
  • 3x3x3in dimensions
  • Barrier easily applicable
  • Ultracal floor for grip
  • Lid that seals
  • Ventilation built into the lid
  • 3/8in OD tubing 



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