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America's Ant Shop

Stateside Ants offers a wide variety of live ant queens in the US. Only the healthiest, highest quality ants are sold to our customers. Click below to see ants for sale and queen ants for sale today!

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About Stateside Ants

The Leading Ant Shop of America

Stateside Ants is America's Ant Shop. With permits from the USDA, we supply many species of ants to every continental state. When you purchase a queen or colony from Stateside Ants, you can feel confident that you will receive healthy, ready-to-grow ants. Our goal is to provide you an extraordinary antkeeping experience with extraordinary queen ants, from California to New York, and all in between.

Fertile Queen Ants

Our queen ants for sale are always sold only after we're certain they've been fertilized, and will be able to produce a colony of their own.

Clean Test Tubes

Our ants are sent to our customers in test tube setups. When we send you a colony or queen, you can be certain it will be in a habitable, clean test tube. 

Healthy, Live Ants

Our emphasis is on healthy, ready-to-grow ant colonies. We are dedicated to only sending out satisfactory ants. We will not list any ant queens or colonies from stock if they are not healthy.

Live Arrival Guaranteed

Your ants are guaranteed to arrive live, or you get a replacement. Death is rare in shipping and even rarer after shipping. However, if your ants unluckily die within days of arrival, contact us for help. We think if you paid for the ants, you should get to keep them, with little exception.

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